7 Best Free Auto call recorder App for Smartphone

In our smartphones especially in android devices, we can do so many things which are not possible in normal devices. Most of the android devices these days comes with a built-in call recorder. What if you don’t get a call recorder on your device? The only solution is to install a free auto call recorder app, but which app to download? To help you in choosing the best auto call recorder let me discuss about the best free auto call recorder app for smartphone.

Best auto call recorder app for android

One of the most important and necessary feature of an android device is call recording feature. We need a call recorder in our device for various purposes. Sometimes we have some important conversation with someone and later on, we forget. Sometimes we discuss many creative things over the phone but forget to note them down and most importantly sometimes we had some harsh conversation with someone and someone wants a proof of that.

That’s the reason keeping a good auto call recorder is very necessary on our android devices. Many call recording apps are available in the market, even in Google play store too. Among them here is the list of best auto call recorders and I hope will you’ll be able to choose the best auto call recorder for your  Android device.

7 Best auto Call Recorders App for Smartphone

Here is a list of top auto call recorders which you can download for free. Most of the apps are available in Google play store. You need to download the apps from the third-party those are not available on Google Play Store.

#1. Call Recorder ACR

best call recoder for android

Android call recorder which is commonly known as ACR is the mostly used call recorder for android. You can download and install this app from Google play store for free. Whenever you will make any incoming or outgoing call this app will record all your conversations. You can do call recording in both auto and manual mode. You can protect your recordings with a password and can enable auto delete of old recordings. This app supports 3GP, MP3, AAC, WAWE formats. If you want you can take a backup of your recordings on cloud storage.

#2. Automatic Call Recorder

auto call recorder app

Automatic call recorder is another app which comes with many unique features. This app is available in Google play store for free. If you have this app installed on your device, you don’t have to turn the app on, as this app works automatically whenever you make any call. For all the call you make, this app will give you three default settings in case you don’t want to record all the calls. With this app, you will get the choice of selecting which call you want to record from the list of unknown numbers, selected numbers or all contacts.

#3. Galaxy Call Recorder

samsung auto call recorder

You can guess for which device this app is designed by its name itself. This app is specially designed for Samsung Galaxy devices though you can use this app in all the other android devices. As this app designed for galaxy devices so it comes with some unique features and a great user interface. In this app you can choose how you want to record your calls, you can choose one from auto and manual mode. You can protect all the call records with a password. With this app, you can record all the incoming and outgoing calls. This is the best auto call recorder for Samsung galaxy devices.

#4. All Call Recorder

All call recorders is another famous app for recording calls. You will find this app on many android devices. The best thing about this app is you will get this app for free on Google play store. You can record all your calls with this device and all the recordings will be saving in 3GP format, you can protect the recordings with a password. You can share the call recordings in Whatsapp and other social media. With this app you can create a backup of your recordings on Google drive.

#5. RMC: Record My Call

RMC auto call recorder

Record my call, which is also known as RMC is a very popular app for recording calls. This is the most simple and easy app for recording calls. This app records all the calls with speed and accuracy. Many apps cause a problem while recording a call but this app records all the things perfectly. Whenever you will record something using this app, it will save the file according to time, day, month and year which allows you to find the file easily. This app is also available on app store for free.

#6: Call Recorder Pro

This is a great app for recording calls along with the features which you will never get in other free apps. This app is compatible with all the latest phones such as Nexus 5, HTC one series, Galaxy Note series and all the phones with huge features. While using this app, you will always get a warning so that user can allow access to the recording and can restrict the recording too. You can install this app from Google play store. The pro version will provide you to select voice quality, cloud storage support and restriction of deleting recordings.

#7: Smart Auto Call Recorder

This is one of the best apps to record your calls automatically. It the favorite app of many people for record calls. The best thing about this app is it provides apart from call recording, this app provides a screen lock too. This app got 4.2 ratings on Google play. If you want to take a backup of this app, you can sync it using your email ID.  For recording calls, you can choose different formats. More than 5 million users downloaded this app, so you can imagine the popularity of this app.

Keeping a call recorder is very important on all the android devices. You never know when you will be needed it. If your device has a good call recorder then you are lucky. If you don’t have a built-in call recorder then you must get one. The above mentioned call recorders are the most popular and the best for recording a call. You can easily pick one from our list of Best Free Auto call recorder App for Smartphone.

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