Best Custom ROMs for Android Smartphone

The version of the operating system of your Smartphone, which comes by the time when you purchase, is known as a Stock ROM. Whereas the Customs ROM is a fully individual version of Android Smartphone.  The customs ROM replace the original version of Android operating system, which gets stored with the new android version on the operating system of your device.

custom roms for mobile

There are many reasons behind the installing of Custom ROMS for android. One of the most important reasons of custom ROMs is to get updates with the latest version of Android. Customs ROMS will enable you to customize all settings offered by the developers of your Smartphone.

Top 8 Custom Roms for Android Smartphone

There are several Customs Roms available for Android Smartphones.However, as it is always good to seek for the best one. Therefore I am listing out the top 10 Custom Roms for Android Smartphone below:

Note: For installing a Customs ROM on Android Smartphone, you will need to root your device. Rooting voids the warranty of devices and even can block the device if a single thing goes wrong. Therefore, apply it when only you are sure enough and be vigilant.

1. CyanogenMod

custom roms for Android

CyanogenMod had really become so popular since its launched date. It packs an excess of useful features such as customs profiles, customizability of everything, gesture, and incorporated theme engine. Besides that, it also enables you to organize the hardware buttons, status bar, notification drawer, navigation bar etc. CyanogenMod get updated on regular basis and is compatible with maximum devices available in the world of Smartphone today.

2. Paranoid Android

best custom roms

Paranoid Android is an amazing ROM, which is being used by millions of android users all over the world. The friendly interface and customization ability of Paranoid is quite impressive, letting you to organize easily and customize everything on your device. Paranoid Android comes with appealing features such as usability of gestures, view notification from Lock screen, dynamitic system bars, impressive immersive mode etc. Besides that, it offers you with cyanogens’ them engine including many others customization features. Paranoid exists for android devices like Oppo, OnePlus and Nexus formally; however, you can also install it on others devices from informal channels on XDA.

3. Cataclysm

best Roms for mobile

Cataclysm is not a visualized looking ROM; however, it delivers a concrete performance. This ROM comes with many useful features including, Lockscreen featuring customization options for notification and status bar, configuration toggles and lot more. In addition, Cataclysm also offers smart features like App Ops, Smart Radio, options for the navigation bar, battery styles etc. This ROM is well known for its good performance and can be installed officially for Nexus devices only. Good news, you can also install Cataclysm on others devices from unofficial channels on XDA.

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4. Resurrection Remix

best roms for mobile

Resurrection Remix is one of the most suitable and sparkling ROM. Resurrection Remix enables you to symbolize the whole things of your device from your Lockscreen itself, counting notification drawer, animations and navigation button. Further, this ROM provides you with features like customizable notification; pitch black dark theme, etc. This ROM is best for users who seek for a whole element in an interface. What so amazing is that Resurrection Remix is available for all devices, where it developers has previously outed a build of Marshmallow as well.

5. Dirty Unicorns

Roms for Android

If you are looking for ROM which offers you with lots of advanced features and option then Dirt Unicorn will be the right choice for you. It is a based Marshmallow open-source ROM and offers features like CM Theme, notification drawer mods, status bar, lock screen configuration, LED setting, greater customization etc. In additional Dirty Unicorn includes a superior section of ‘’Dirty Tweaks’’, allowing you to come across every tweak counting immersive mode, double tap lock, OmniSwitch buoyant toolbar etc. Dirty Unicorn is available for several devices, however, after the crack of dawn of marshmallow builds some devices had been drawback.

6. XenonHD

XenonHD is a lightweight and good performance ROM. There no limitation of features on this ROM. It includes features like layers based RRO theming, customizable notification, status bar, buttons, notification drawer etc. This ROM based on Lollipop also offers advanced features such as security protection, built-in root access, filters notification and lot more. This ROM is officially available for some Sony Smartphones, HTC Smartphones, Nexus Smartphones, Samsung Smartphones, and Oppo Smartphones.

7. BlissPop

Roms for smartphone

BlissPop is not that amazing compared to others ROM on this list. However, it still provides you with some appealing features. Here you find numbers of appealing features such as ‘’Bliss interface’’, shortcuts of Lockscreen, status bar configuration, battery styles, Live Display, Left-handed mode, navigation rings etc. With it, you can transform and set text, colours, fonts and lot more in the status bar. This ROM supports different Smartphones, where you can install it on the official site or else on official sites.

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8. OmniROM

ROMs for smartphone

OmniROM is one of the newest ROM which has been lately released for android Smartphones. OmniROM offers you with all sorts of features that are required to be in a perfect ROM. Here you find features like speedy settings panel, OmniJAWS weather service, dark mode UL, DSPManager, delta update system, enhanced Do Not disturb mode including customization tools which we find in others different ROMS. In additional, it also brings you with OmniSwitch features. It is available for many devices including Samsung, HTC, Asus, and LG etc.

These are the top 8 ROM available for Android Smartphones today. All of them has many advanced features and had received huge positive responses and reviews since their launched date. So if you seek for the best ROM then you should installed any one of the ROM from list above. And don’t forget to Share your feedback with us by commenting below, after installing and using any one of the listed ROM.

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