Launchers for Android–Change the feel and experience

Launchers for Android makes the Android Smartphone so exclusive are its integral functionalities that give a good experience to users. Well, it is basically the launcher that lets users to easily customize the home screen, make phone calls, launch mobile apps and much more. It is known as the part of Android user interface that performs the screen lock and other screen display features.

Launchers for Android

There are many Launcher for Android that provides a diverse set of features which you can use for better customization of your phone. So if you want to really experience some of the best endeavoring features of the best apps then read this post. I will suggest you some of the best launchers for Android which is rich in features and functions.

Action Launcher 3Action Launcher 3 Android Launcher

This is one of the best android launchers that will make your home screen look bright and beautiful. It has maximum features using which you can customize your Android home screen adding a quick theme of your desired color. This app is supported in Phone, Tablet, and Phablet.

This app also features Quickbar, Quickedit, Smartise icons and covers. The Action launcher 3 can easily import the existing layout from Apex, Google Now Launcher, Nova, Samsung, HTC Sense, etc.

ADW Launcher 2AWD Laucher

This launcher has stopped updating its projects for sometimes but now it has come up with the best iconic features. The ADW launcher is exact like that was included in Android Nougat 7.1 with a variety of customization options and themes.

It provides users with the dynamic user interface with wallpaper colors and desktop transitions. There are few initial extensions added for the better custom widgets. The app cost $3.49 and you can also download its free version.

Apex LauncherApex Laucher for mobile

The Apex Launcher has come with a customizable home screen and scrollable dock with 7 icons every single page which is awesome. This can be listed among the many launchers for Android as it has fancy transition effects and elastic scrolling.

You can easily choose different folder preview styles with beautiful backgrounds and hide elements as much as you want. This launcher for android can hide apps from the drawer and provides users lots of customization options.

Arrow LauncherArrow Launcher for mobile

The customization options that this app provides is really good with various features that give a good experience to users. You can easily customize your recent activities such as text messages, phone calls, file downloads, the app installed, etc.

This app provides a reminder for your phone with Wunderlist integration which will never let you forget any important things. This launcher lets you access to your most important documents on cloud and easily share them with friends.

Atom LauncherAtom Launcher App

This can be another best launcher for Android that gives different controlling options such as swipe up, swipe down, double tap gestures, and much more. It includes digital clock bar, theme maker, smart folders, dock bar, etc. There is also a hiding dock feature that allows home screen lock, screen switching effects, transparency settings and much more.

This app is provided with the feature called Smart Folders that supports customizable folders on your device home screen. This will help you to easily resize the folders and directly launch the folder.

Go LauncherGo Launcher for Smartphone

The Go Launcher was actually launched in the year 2017 and it is a very lightweight launcher for Android that provides so many features that you will like knowing about. This app provides users with more than 10,000 mobile themes with interactive control experience.

You will enjoy the simple and smooth animated effects that easily customize your home screen in a click. Thus, the Go Launcher is the most stylish and smart launcher for Android which you can try now.

Hola LauncherHola Launcher for Android

Hola Launcher is one of the powerful android launchers that gives you all the features in one packed such as speed booster, charging protector, battery saver, app manager and other features. This app has unique collections of themes and wallpapers that make your device look more eyes catching with easy user interface.

The Hola boost feature completely boosts your Android device by one tap boost feature that is much battery saving as well. This android launcher automatically boosts your gaming speed by 30% that improves your game. You can easily lock your Facebook, Contacts, Gallery, SMS, and other important apps using Hola Launcher.

Launcher 8Launcher 8 Android launcher

This app is an excellent tool that beautifully custom title and modifies the colors and blocks all kinds of annoying ads. You can now manage your status bar by time display, color settings, and style for making it pleasant to work with. The themes can be restored, backup, download and upload easily online. There are many more features such as application notifications, super search, wallpaper, DIY folder, LockScreen, etc.

Lightning LauncherLightning Launcher for Android

The Lightning launcher is highly customizable which enables users to change the font, wallpaper, color, folder options, size, gestures, zooming options, layouts and other features. there are more enhance features such as you can app drawer, tasker integration, floating desktop, panels, etc.

You can use JavaScript for unleashing the lightning power as well with this app. This app is provided with the feature called Smart Folders that supports customizable folders on your device home screen.

You can now easily design your device home screen, customize by adding colors, themes, background, lock, etc. The suggested launchers for Android are the best of my knowledge which you can use on your phone and tablets. If you are confused to pick up the best then I suggest you, get the Action Launcher 3 and Hola Launcher which gives awesome experience.

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