How to hard reset iphone 6 plus when you forgot the password

hard reset iPhone 6s:

iphone hard reset

iPhone lovers are crazy about the new releases and updates. As IPhone released a new Version Iphone6 and iphone6 plus There is a huge buzz over there. iPhone also has it positive and negative sides, But always negative will make an impact on iPhone lovers. so one of the other thing about the iPhone when you forgot your Iphone6 Password that makes you feel bad. I personally experienced and chased it by Hard resetting my iPhone and my iPhone is back

Here I have given some simple steps to hard reset your iPhone device

Steps to hard reset iPhone 6s or 6s plus

You need to follow these simple steps in order to iPhone hard reset.

Step 1: First of all install Itunes on your computer. Then, just plug in your data cable to our phone and connect to your computer.

Step 2: Open Itunes on your computer.

Step3: Click on iPhone which will be present either on the top right corner or may be in the left side bar.

Step 4: After clicking on the iPhone option, you can see your iPhone connected if it is connected properly.

Step5: Click on the restore option. Then, you will be prompted to select any of the options from the three.

Step 6: Just select the option  Don’t backup or else you can select backup if you want

Step7: Then, you will be prompted to click on restore.

Step 8: Just wait for some time and now you are done. Enjoy the fresh experience of your latest iOS software.

Step 9: A new pop will come Mentioning that “Your iPhone has been restored…………after it restarts”,

Step 10: Don’t click anything the popup will automatically get closed.

Step 11: Put your phone REBOOT.

Step 12: After reboot, A new pop up showing 3 options appears, simply click UPDATE SETTINGS.

Step 13: You are done, Now select the option between set up as new iPhone or from a backup.

Step 14: So you have successfully iPhone hard reset your iPhone 6s.


Video on iPhone hard reset 6s

So this is how the iPhone hard reset is done.The process of iPhone hard reset was explained in detail above.Hope you found is useful. Check out another awesome phablet here.

Thank you for reading.Feel free to comment us below for your suggestions and queries.

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