InterServer Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2016 Deal – 50% Discount LIVE

Are you interested in using InterServer as your web host for your website? Then you should be happy to know that they are providing a massive discount of 80% with the InterServer Cyber Monday Deal 2016 and Black Friday 2016 sale.

interserver black friday cyber monday

With such a huge discount you shouldn’t be missing this opportunity as this deal will expire once Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over. So, without much talking let me show you how you can get hold of the InterServer Cyber Monday Sale 2016 and then talk about why you should get this web hosting service immediately.

Grab the InterServer Black Friday deal 2016:

To grab the InterServer Cyber Monday discount coupon follow the instructions that I have given below.

1. Activate the Cyber Monday discount coupon by clicking the ‘Get 50% Discount Offer’.

2. Once you activate the Cyber Monday discount coupon you will be redirected to the official website.

3. If you have already registered a domain then select ‘Already Own the Domain’ option and if you haven’t then you can register a domain by clicking ‘Register new Domain’.

4. Then you will be asked to fill in all your credentials like your user name, and best email, and other necessary details.

5. Provide your web hosting and billing address and click ‘Place Order’ button.

And this is how you get hold of the InterServer Black Friday 2016 sale /Cyber Monday discount.

So, what makes this hosting service one of the best web hosting companies? Why should you choose InterServer over some other web hosting company and go for the discount offered by this company?

I believe the features given below will make things more clear.

InterServer Black Friday Sale/Cyber Monday deal

With the Interserver Cyber Monday discount you are getting a number of attractive discounts on many of the plans. I have listed all the plans below so that it becomes easy for you to choose your favourite InterServer Cyber Monday offer.

  • All hosting plans are available with an 50% off
  • All domains ranging from .net to .com are available at a really low price of $5.99.
  • For any standard web hosting you just need to pay $5 monthly.
  • For managed web hosting you will need to make a monthly payment of $8.
  • For special VPS you need to make a payment of $6.
  • For dedicated hosting plans you need to make a monthly payment of $59.

These are the list of plans that are offered by InterServer and all of these are really attractive and along with the InterServer Cyber Monday 2016 deal Coupon Codes and InterServer Cyber Monday discount coupon to get all these offers.

We personally recommending you this hosting because of the amazing features that it comes with and I know how I have myself benefited from using this web hosting service.

Why to choose InterServer?

InterServer’s features make it quite different from many of the well known companies available these days. With almost of experience this web hosting company has been giving quite an outstanding service and has been improving every year.

So, let’s have a glimpse of the features that this web hosting service comes with.

  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee: It offers 99.9% site Uptime guarantee which is a sign of a good web hosting service. Keep in mind that these days almost all web hosting service promises to provide you 99.9% uptime guarantee but they hardly keep their words. InterServer has been giving great service and has successfully provided the promised site uptime without any hindrance.
  • Very Easy Control Panel: One reason I love InterServer is because of its easy to use user friendly Control Panel. With the help of this easy control panel you can easily change the whole settings of the system of your website and you can also make arrangements to meet your design of choice. Interesting right?
  • 24/7 Support: Another reason to love InterServer is the 24/7 customer support which gives you full support. Many hosting service takes this thing lightly and that’s why they end up losing customers but it has a brilliant support which you will only come to experience once you start using this service. You can either make a call, or even email and through the support ticket system. This is one of reasons why you should grab the Interserver Cyber Monday sale 2016.
  • Great Weekly Backup Feature: Having a good back up feature is really an essential part of a good web hosting service. If you don’t have a good back up feature in the web hosting service that you choose your years of hard work will go in vain in just a glimpse of a moment. With this hosting it is quite easy to back your contents with its weekly Backup feature. You don’t have to worry just in case your site crashes and you end up losing all the content. You can easily restore all of the contents from the backup.
  • Unlimited Domain Hosting: With the InterServer you can easily host multiple domains but I will suggest you not to exceed more than 10 domains at a time because that might slow things down. Hosting unlimited domains is one of reason why you should choose InterServer Cyber Monday discount.

With all these features InterServer is worth the money and with such a massive discount I think you shouldn’t be missing out this chance. So, to get hold of this discount offer follow the steps I mentioned above in order to get the InterServer Cyber Monday sale and the InterServer Cyber Monday sale 2016.


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