Top 11 Offline Music Apps For Android and iOS Devices!

Music plays an important role in our life, without music life will be very difficult. Everyone is quite interested in listening to music. Some people love to listen to old and some to new. For that people always search music apps where they can listen to music offline or offline music apps.

However, sometimes due to the disturbance of the internet connection people are not able to listen without interruptions. In such cases, you need an offline Music app, which can help you in listening to music in offline mode. Today in this post, I going to share you with some of the apps for listening to music offline. Check out the list of music apps provided below.

List of Offline Music Apps:

So here is the list of the apps that let you listen to music offline. Check them out down below.


Spotify is one of the top music streaming app, and what so amazing is that it lets users listen to the music on offline mode. It enables you to create a playlist and add over 3,333 songs for your offline mode, and also supports three dissimilar devices. But this features is available for only Spotify paid version.

Spotify music app

Groove Music:

Groove Music is a cool streaming app which lets you save all your favourite tracks and songs in offline mode. This streaming app allows you to download all music for free. However, the only drawback points of this app are, it provides the features only if you are the subscriber of Groove Music Pass.

Groove music app for offline mode

Google Play Music:

Google Play Music is another amazing offline music apps which enable you to take all your favourite music in offline mode. It provides you with some advanced features and enables you to play music even when you are not connected to the internet. This app has loads of music which you can access after you start using it. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Google Play music apps

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Apple Music:

Apple Music is one of those offline music apps that stand at the top. This music app for iOS devices is quite powerful, coming up with a set of advanced features and with easy functionality options. Using it, you can easily download and save your favourite music on your iOS device, and add music to listen to it in offline mode. Apple Music is developed for iOS devices; however, it is also available for Android and OSX devices.

apple offline music apps


If you are fond of listening to Bollywood and Local India songs, then there is nothing better than Gaana music app. This music app from India does a pretty good job to take all your music in offline mode. The songs and tracks of its content are of high quality and can be downloaded easily from offline mode. This app offers you with a free trial for a month and can be downloaded for Android and iOS devices.

Gaana offline app

Slacker Radio:

Slacker Radio is one of the best apps for radio listeners. It offers its users with huge radio stations and enables them to download and save them in offline mode. The subscriber of Slacker Plus or paid subscriber can easily choose and select their favourite songs, playlist or station which they like to listen. It is available for several platforms including Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows phone.

Slacker music app


Pandora is indeed one of the best offline music apps for listening to music offline. If you are in need of music streaming apps without an internet connection, then this is certainly the right app for you. Pandora offers you with a huge collection of music, where you can select music according to genres, artist name, and mood. Besides that, it also offers you with many new features like alarm clock, creatable radio station and lot more.

Pandora music app for music

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SoundCloud is another good music streaming app. Maximum of users usually stream and download songs from it. It offers you with millions of high-quality songs and instrumental tracks. Here you can simply signup with your Facebook account, and download your favourite songs for offline mode. SoundCloud enables its users to create a playlist of their favourite tracks, as well as allow them to upload their created songs.

Soundlcoud offline music


Deezer is a free offline music app which is supported on both Android and iOS devices. It provides you with some of the most popular songs and tracks and also allows you to create a playlist of your favourite artist, songs and tracks. It has got a simple search engine, that simple where you can gain access to your favourite songs by a single click. So this app is a great platform for downloading songs for offline mode for free.

Deezer music app

Wynk Music:

Wynk Music is simply a great app for streaming and downloading Music on offline mode. This app is available for Android and iOS device offering you with a cool collection of music and has got an easy search engine. Here you can easily search and listen to your favourite songs, according to their given genres, title and artist. All kind of songs is included in its content including genres like romantic, classical, hip-hop and lot more.

Wynk music app

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Saavn is an outstanding Offline Music Apps. It is a free app which allows you to download music and songs for free. This app offers you with huge collections of songs in both Hindi and English songs. Being free it stills offers you some of the good features, including options for pause, play, resume, etc. Here you can search, play and listen to music even when you are not connected to the internet.

Saavn offline music app

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Now you with the help of these apps you can listen to music even when your connection gets interrupted. As the solution is right in your hands now. Grab any one of these offline music apps and start streaming music even in offline mode.

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