Make your photos attractive with 9 Best Photo Editor for Android

A photograph does not point towards only having an image, but also indicate the feeling and glimpse of your life. Today technology is really developed in the field of photography providing a better camera and editing tools. However, they are still lacking in some points to give you an attractable photograph. In this case, all you need is a photo editor for Android mobile.

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Currently, there are multiples numbers of Photo Editor apps for Android. But some are not great when it is about achieving an awesome photograph. So all you need is a perfect and the best photo editor apps, which provide you with greater tools and filters. Therefore below I am listing out the top 9 best photo editor for android.

 9 best photo editor  for android

1. Photo Editor by Aviary

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Photo Editor by Aviary is one of the oldest photo editor app which is used by millions of android users all over the world. It provides you manual adjustment features as brightness, colours, constrant, temperature, saturation, crop, red eye fixing features, teeth whitener, cosmetic tools and lot more. It also comes with a one-touch enhance mode which is quite impressive. Overall it is an amazing photo editor app for Smartphone.

2. Snapseed

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Snapseed can bring an attractable look on your photograph. This free photo editor app comes with multiples numbers of editing features, featuring 29 tools and filters counting structures, healing, brush, HDR, tune image, crop, rotate, white balance, perspective etc. It is best for editing your photograph and to share them on social media site like on Facebook and Twitter etc. You can download Snapseed from Google Playstore.

3. Instagram

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Everybody known about Instagram, it is a perfect photo editor app for android. This app helps its users to stay connect with the entire world by sharing their photograph and images with their contacts and family members. Instagram offers many effective editing tools and filters, as well as provides a possibility to share, like and comment by posting different photograph and videos. Instagram is available for free on Google Playstore.

3. Pixlr-o-matic

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Pixlr-o-matic is another excellent photo editor app for android. You can take a photograph from the gallery of this app, and edit with several editing tools, including lighting effects, contrast options, exposure and many more. The Ul design of this app is very simple, which will enable you to edit your photos in an easy way without taking much time. It is available on Google Playstore and can be downloaded for free.

4. PicArt Photo Studio

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PicArt Photo Studio offers you with some of the best features. It offers you with in-built camera features and comes with editing tools, including frame, text effect, overlays, borders and lot more. Besides that this app also offers you with a set of artistic photo effect. Systematically the functionality options of PicArt Photo Studio app are very simple, and it allows you edit your photograph within a second. Download this Picart Photo Studio from Google Playstore for free.

5. Cymera- Camera and Photo Editor

cymera photo editor app

Cymera- Camera is a full of features photo editor app. It comes with a built-in camera, and features including tons of shooting modes, 20 filters, borders etc. It also includes options like collage effects, crop, rotation, saturation and lot more. You will really have fun editing your photograph with the tools provided by Cymera-Camera photo editing app, and why not as there are many editing tools available right there. Download Cymera- Camera and Photo Editor from Google Playstore for free.

6. Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

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Bonfire Photo Editor Pro is currently the most popular photo editor apps for android. Millions of people all over the world used this app to edit their photograph. It provides you features like removal tools for blemish, skin smoothening, white and black options, HDR, fancy, filters etc. This paid app is a complete photo editor app, and can obtusely help you to turn your photos into stunning one. It is available on Google Playstore.

7. Photoshop Touch for Phone

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Photoshop Touch offers you with multiples numbers of editing tools. Here you will find advanced editing features such as filter brushes, painting effects, teeth whitener and lot more. Similar to other photo editors it also offers with options like crop, rotate, focus etc. This paid app also comes with sharing options, where you can share your edited photos with your friend and family members.  Download it from Google Playstore.

8. Adobe Photoshop Express

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Adobe Photoshop Express is among that photo editor which enables you to snap and edit photograph easily. This photo editor app offers you single tough filters features, auto fix, colours, basic image editing tools and lot more. Besides that it also allows you to share your edited photos on social media sites, including on Facebook, Twitter etc. Download Adobe Photoshop app for free on Google Playstore.

9. PicSay- Photo Editor

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PicSay-Photo Editor is another good photo editor app available for android today. It provides you with features including text effects, colours correction, graphics effects and lot more. The functionality option of this app is very simple, having an easy functionality steps that will allows you to edit your photos without any confusion. Download PicSay-Photo Editor app from Google Playstore for free.

10. Pixlr Express-photo editing

 best photo editing app

Pixlr Express-Photo editing is the last photo editor app on this list, wait it is not the least used app. This app offers its users with more than 2 millions of free effects, overlays and borders and includes many editing options, like lightning effects, crop, colours etc. Download Pixlr Express-photo editing app from Google Playstore for free.

These are the 10 best Photo editor apps for Android devices. They provide you with some of the best built-in features and editing tools. Using them you can truly edit your photograph into a stunning one. So without any delay download any of them from Google Playstore, and start editing your photograph as an experienced photo editor.

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