Root Explorer APK- The Best File Manager for Rooted Android Phones!

Are you carrying a rooted Android phone and having problems with a file explorer? Root Explorer is one of the best explorers for rooted device. Root Explorer Apk is one of the most powerful and useful file managers for the rooted device; with this app, you can monitor all the partitions of your phone and maintain it.

This app has many features and advantages which are far better than the File Manager that you are using now. Don’t worry here in this content you will be going to know many things about this app which is the best file manager for all the android rooted devices.

root explorer apk

So are you ready to check out the best Root Explorer app features, and how to download and install the app on your rooted Android phone?

Why use to Root Explorer apk:

Once you have root your android phone for hacking any game or any reason. Some apps will not behave properly with your phone, and you will have to remove it, and one of that common app is a File manager. After you root your Android phone, you will see that you normal File manager will start disturbing and you won’t be able to work with it.

For which you have to uninstall the File manager app and replace it with Root Explorer app which is also one of the best file managing apps for all the rooted device. So this is it for why you need to download and use this app on your rooted Android phone. Now let’s check out the features of Root Explorer.

Root Explorer app features:

Here below are the features of this file managing app which have made this app one of the best file managing app for your rooted Android phone.

  • You can also customise the manager as you have got different background colour like light, dark and blue.
  • In the File Manager you cannot extract the RAR file, but with this Root explorer app you can also extract the RAR file and get easy access.
  • If you want to move anything from one partition to another but at the same time, you need to work with other apps. Then with this app, you can also move or copy files in the background.
  • You can customise all the icons set of your file manager.
  • You can directly connect to Google Drive, Box, and other cloud storage.
  • You will not need to search manually anymore because there is a search bar. So directly type the file you want to find in the search box and then you will see it in front of you.
  • Now you will also create a zip file with this app.
  • Not only this but you can also bookmark your favourite files and folders so that you don’t need to search every time.
  • You can view all the file details like date made, the file size and many other.

So this is the best features of Root Explorer app. This app is famous just because it has all the positive features that I have listed above. Above I have given all the features of this app, now let’s check out how to download this app on your android phone.

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 Steps to Download Root Explorer Apk:

To download and install this amazing app on your rooted Android phone you will need to follow the steps that I have given below.

1. As this app is not available in the Google Play Store you will need to download this app from the other third party app.

2. To download Root Explorer apk on your rooted Android phone, you have to click on the link given below.

3. After you have completed the downloading of the apk file on your phone storage.

4. Now go to the settings option of the phone and then go to the Security option and then enable the UNKNOWN SOURCES.

5. Now click on the apk file from your phone storage and then click on the INSTALL button.

6. And agree all the all the terms and condition and then wait for some time till the Root Explorer app doesn’t get installed on your phone.

7. Now you will be able to enjoy the full features of this app on your rooted Android phone.

So this is all the easy step by step guide to download and install the app on your smartphone. Simply go through the steps and then enjoy all the features.

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Check the video given below for better understanding:

What you can do in the Unrooted Device:

Yes, this Root Explorer app can also be installed in the unrooted device and used. But the features will change from the rooted device as this app is mainly developed for the rooted device. For the better performance, you should root your device and then install root explorer. Not only this but you can also plenty of useful apps and modified games like shadow fight 2 unlimited life apk, Mini militia hack apk, Clash of Clans mod and much more.

Now let’s check out what can you do with this app on your unrooted device.

1. You can get access to all file, music, photos and documents easily.

2. Also, you can easily extract the RAR file using this Root Explorer.

3. Not only this but you can also zip the whole folder.

4. With the search box, you can search any files on a go.

5. You can also copy or move multiple files at a time.

6. Also, bookmark the file or folders which you need to access most of the time.

So this is all the features that you will be able to enjoy in the unrooted device with this app.

This is it, here above I have given all the details about the Root Explorer apk. So there is no scope that you will find any difficulties on using this amazing app on both your rooted and unrooted device.

So what are you waiting for get the app and play with the file and folders on your phone? Share this with your mates and let them know unrooting means getting more features 🙂

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