Tesla Themes Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale 2016 – Huge 50 %Discount!

Have you been looking for premium WordPress themes at affordable prices? Well if that is the case then you are at the right place. Tesla Themes are offering a whopping 50% discount on its products on Tesla themes Cyber Monday Sale 2016 and Black Friday discount offer. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are on 25th and 28th of this month respectively.

Tesla Themes Cyber Monday Black Friday

Tesla Themes have launched tons of standard professional themes with excellent designs, which very few themes company provides. You can own these premium attractive themes now with the Tesla Themes Black Friday discount offer 2016 having 50% OFF Discount till Tesla Themes Cyber Monday deal 28th November,2016.

How to grab the Tesla Themes Cyber Monday Deal?

The steps that you need to follow to grab the Tesla Themes Cyber Monday sale and Black Friday sale has been mentioned below. So follow these steps, and you will be good to go.

  • Click on “Grab Discount Now!” tab down below. You will be redirected to the official page of Tesla Themes.
  • Now choose your preferred Theme. It is recommended that you go for multiple themes. You will be able to save more money by choosing multiple themes in a bundle.
  • After the completion of the selection process, you need to sign up with Tesla Themes. Here you need to provide some details like Name, Email, etc.
  • With the completion of the sign-up process, you have to proceed to the payment part.
  • Complete the payment procedure to avail the discounts provided on TeslaThemes Black Friday and Tesla Themes Cyber Monday.

(Note: Make sure that you are using a new account instead of an old account. Discounts will not be available on the old accounts.)

Well, these are all the steps that you need to follow for grabbing the Tesla Themes Cyber Monday discount and Black Friday Discount.

Why should you go with Tesla Themes?

As it has been mentioned before that TeslaThemes, have many spectacular themes that could give your WordPress an awesome look. Well, this one of the reasons for choosing Tesla Themes. But down below there are lots of other features that make it better than the others.

  • The most powerful feature of Tesla Themes is that it gives your WordPress a whole new look. Similar types of Themes are not able to provide such kind of attractive look.
  • They have got more than 60 different types of themes for the developers and the professional agencies.
  • Tesla Themes can be used for making your dream website. Yes! You read it right; the website that you have been dreaming about can become a reality with Tesla Themes.
  • Another best thing about Tesla Themes is that, once you become its subscriber they will keep on providing one or two new themes every month.

Check out the simple video of how to configure Twitter widget in Tesla Framework:

So, these are some of the major features of Tesla Themes; it has lots of another similar kind of features. To get a hold of these features and the other features just click on the “Grab Discount Now!” tab below and grab the Tesla Themes Cyber Monday Deals now..

Tesla Themes Cyber Monday Discount offer 2016:

Tesla Themes are providing lots of offers on the Tesla Themes Cyber Monday 2016 sale and Black Friday 2016. Well, you can buy any of this packages, but I would recommend that you go for the lifetime package. The lifetime package is quite beneficial in comparison with the other packages. But you should go for the package that suitable for you. Check out the down below.

Starter Package

This package is perfect for the beginners. You can avail this package at $48/ theme.

Developer Package

The Developer Package is available at $79/ year. This is the perfect for the agencies.

Lifetime Package

As it has been mentioned before that, the Lifetime Package is the best package available, and you can avail this package at $199. This payment is a one-time payment.

Well, these are the packages that are available to you on the Black Friday 2016 and Tesla Theme Cyber Monday 2016.

So, you should go for the offer made by Tesla Themes Cyber Monday Sale 2016 and Black Friday 2016. Tesla Themes is the best way of making your WordPress look remarkable. So follow the steps that have been mentioned above to grab the Tesla Theme Cyber Monday discount 2016 and Cyber Monday offer.


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