This Video Is Not Available In Your Country Fix [Unblock YouTube Videos]

A few days back while browsing through some forums I got the queries where people were asking for one common problem named “This video is not available in your country fix“. Today, in this post, I will make you know how to get rid of this problem and learn how to watch blocked YouTube videos in your country. Yes, this is a common issue and you don’t have to panic much about it. Talking about YouTube, this is the biggest search engine present in the world wide web.

YouTube has billions of users around the globe with more than 100 hours of video uploaded every minute.

But there are some countries who have blocked YouTube Videos to watch or being restricted. This problem is possibly due to restrictions of governments or channels to make the video available for only a particular region and making rest of the regions/countries not be able to watch the video, in return displaying the message the uploader has not made this video available in your country and similar errors.

This video is not available in your country error fix chrome

This video is not available in your country error FIX:

We all strive to watch the video not available in your country, so here you go with the simplest ways to fix video not available in your country problem. Below I have shared 5 different methods to solve this issue. Check them below:

#1. Try after modifying the Video URL:

Open Youtube and search for the video you are looking for or which is showing you error. Now Consider changing the URL of the video that is not available in your country to watch. It would look something like the example shown below:

Change video URL watch blocked youtube videos

Now you need remove the red color part i.e, “watch?” and replace “=” with “/” .then it would look like the example given below:

Watch Restricted Video

Now reload the URL and enjoy watching the youtube video and I hope the problem will be fixed now. If not try the next method I have mentioned below:

#2. Watch Blocked YouTube Videos using SS & Pwn Method:

This step is very straightforward where you have to download the video right away and watch. In this step, you have to just add SS or PWN before youtube in the URL section then press Enter.

Download or view Youtube videos

This redirects to a download page in which you can download blocked YouTube video and watch it or else you can click on the video displayed on the page to view it there itself without downloading. You can also download the videos in different formats and also as an MP3 file. Isn’t it simple and effective?

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#3. Fix Video Not available error using VPN Extensions:

If the previous two methods didn’t work for you, then you can try this simple method to fix this video is not available in your country error. Enabling some of the extensions will make sure that you are accessing the websites from different locations virtually so that it will switch the networks to different IP’s resulting in accessing permissions to YouTube. I personally use Zenmate or Hola to access blocked websites and videos in my country. Here you go with some details:

# Zenmate VPN Extension: Zenmate is one of the best extension for browsers and mostly used one as it is free and easy to use with many features. It is available for Google chrome, Mozilla, Opera, IOS, Android browsers.

This Video is Not Available in Your Country Fix for Chrome


  • Accepts unlimited traffic
  • Allows access to blocked websites
  • Encrypts the information
  • Internet Privacy
  • WiFi security
  • Safe, Secure and Anonymous

# Hola VPN ExtensionHola VPN extension is of the best and my personal favorite Chrome extension which help the users to enjoy blocked videos and sites easily. This extension is free to download and use for Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and others.

youtube not available in country fix Hola


  • Surf Anonymous
  • 50+ country location IP’s
  • Internet Freedom
  • Hola Media Player
  • Access any website

#4. Unblock Youtube Videos with Proxy Site/Bypass filters/Proxy Servers:

If you do not want to use extensions or if the previous steps solutions didn’t work for then this is another easy method to fix this video is not available in your country error. Without the use of any extensions, we can access the blocked videos by using free web proxy sites for YouTube that act as an interface between the blocked website and the user.

Accessing blocked sites through web proxy sites work like a charm by changing the location of user precisely. It is simply called as Proxy Server. Here I have mentioned some web proxy sites to make use of:


proxy site for YouTube

Below I have highlighted the best features of

  • Global access
  • Speed
  • Security
  • Privacy

Below are the popular sites which are supported by

  • Google
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Reddit
  • Imgur,
  • Twitter

After the you can also try the site I have mentioned below and try to unblock YouTube videos and fix video not available in your country error.


bypass YouTube country


  • Fast and Reliable
  • Highly Secured (128-bit SSL Encryption all the time)
  • Encrypt URL
  • Encrypt Page
  • Remove scripts

#5. Watch blocked YouTube Videos using VPN:

Unfortunately, if any of the previously mentioned tricks didn’t work for you then you can try VPN to Unblock YouTube Video. All you to do is choose a VPN service and change the location and watch videos. There many VPN available which you can use for different devices. For mobile phones, you can download any free VPN app and fix video not available error in Android.

From the 100’s available apps, I personally love to use DroidVPN and Hotspot shield on my Android smartphone.

Now if you are accessing YouTube from your laptop/computer/PC, you can use PD proxy or FINCH VPN which are best VPN to bypass blocked YouTube videos error.

So, you have successfully learned how to fix This video is not available in your country issue.

Final words…

Congratulations! You successfully learned not one but five different methods to fix this video is not available in your country problem. I hope one of these above-mentioned methods going to work for you and you can watch blocked YouTube videos anywhere anytime.

This is the end of this guide but there many other useful tricks, guides, and articles available on this blog.


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