How to activate internet banking in SBI? – Your Question Answered


If you are an SBI bank account holder and looking for the Internet banking Activation. I can say that you are in a right place. Here in this page, you will find the step by step method to activate your SBI internet banking facility without any difficulties. You might not know that there are many several ways that you can use to activate the internet Banking.

Like, by visiting the branch and filling the form to register the internet banking, or you can also activate your internet banking directly using your PCs and laptops through online without going to the branch. And today here I will mention the steps to activate the internet banking through online using your PCs or laptops. But at first, let us discuss about why we should use the internet banking?

Why we should use the internet Banking/online banking?

Internet banking/Online banking is very beneficial; in this generation by using the facility of online banking you can save lots of time and money. The Internet never sleeps; by using the online banking you can take advantage of 24-hour banking facility.

With the help of internet banking now you can check your balance, and savings, deposits, transactions and many more options at any time simply from your computer or laptops, you can easily pay your bills and payments simply sitting from your home and you can now also deposit your checks using online internet banking. There are countless numbers of benefits for using the internet banking. Which you’ll know once you start the internet Banking.

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Activate your SBI internet banking using your ATM

If you want to activate net banking simply sitting in your home without going to the branch .you can follow the step by step method mentioned below. You’ll only need an ATM card and a device with internet connection on it.


First of all, you have to go to the website which is an official internet banking website of SBI (state Bank of India). Make sure that the address protocol has the “s” in the https.Look at the highlighted Area in the image given above. After that let the pages open fully.


Once the page opened you will find that there is a button named as Login, you have to click on that login button and proceed to the further section.


Now another option will be displayed as continue to login as soon as the page opens. Click on that button showed as Continue to login. As soon as you click on that button you will be directed to the main login page.


There you will find a field for putting the Username and password. If you have the username and password which you might get it from the kit given by the Bank itself while opening the Bank Account. And if you don’t have the username or password or kits, you can directly click on the option named as New User? Register here to register for the internet banking. Once you click the option. There will be a pop-up asking for whether you have the kit or not. Just click on the ok button in the pop-up page.


As soon as you click on the ok button of the pop-up page, the new page in a new tab will be displayed; there you will found many options. You have to fill the entire blank box by giving the appropriate details of yours. You will find all the details in your passbook, like account number, CIF number, Branch Code etc. Once filling up the details just click on the Submit button which is located in the downside of the page.


As soon as you click on the submit button, an OTP code will be sent to your Phone number which you have just submitted, you have to type the code in the box which will be showed once you click on that submit button. After typing the codes just click on the Confirm button to confirm that this is your number and you are operating it.


As soon as you confirm OTP, the new page will be displayed. There you will see two options, select the option written as I have my ATM card and then click on the Submit button.


After that you have to create a transaction of one rupee for that you’ll have to enter the details of your ATM card in the Boxes given their, such as card number, expiry dates, Card holders name, your secret ATM pin Code, and lastly the codes which will be displayed on downside of your page, once you filled all the details, just click on the submit button. Once you clicked on the submit button another page will be displayed, there you’ll again have to click on the pay button which will be displayed on the downside of the page.


After that the transaction will start processing, it will take just a few milliseconds, just don’t click any button while the transactions are processing. Next, another page will be open once the processing completed, there you will find your username for internet banking, memorize the username or note it in your notebook for future use.

On that page you will see two boxes, you have to create your new login password by entering in the boxes and submitting it, you’ll have to remember the password as you will need it later again to login to your account for internet banking.

Once the registration completed successfully the pages like above image will be displayed, once you successfully registered in Internet banking the facility will be activated after 30 minutes after the first-time login.


Well, these are the steps, I hope you liked it. If you have any doubts or confusion regarding this article, you can comment us; our team will try to solve it as soon as possible, and also your comments will be highly appreciated. And lastly, thank you for reading this article, hope this article helped you.

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