How to create google chrome theme using mychrometheme app


My chrome theme is an Official app (ad-on) from Google  where you can create your own google chrome themes by following few simple steps. This app features various options like

  • Changing your chrome background to any custom image you want.
  • You can set custom color Schemes.
  • Sharing your custom Designed Chrome  themes with others.


I think you got a little idea of How to make a custom chrome theme from using My chrome theme. Here are the steps to install the add on and get ready for making your Brand new Chrome Themes.

How to install My Chrome Theme ad-on

  • Open  Google chrome web store
  • Search for my chrome theme in the top left corner
  • Search result will be as follows


after searching the app just click Free option in the top right corner then the app will prompt for the option add just click on add , that’s it you are done and you installed the app to your chrome browser now.

How to create  Google Chrome Theme

Now you are all set ready to create your own theme .All you need to do is just follow these simple steps

  •  First open My Chrome Theme app .
  •  You will displaying a page with  “START MAKING THEME” button, click on it.
  •  Now follow these steps.

Step 1: This step is to import your custom image for background.

You can choose your image and upload it by clicking “Upload Image”  or else you can capture an image by clicking “Use Webcam”. you  can even proceed without uploading or capturing an image you can adjust your image and can add effects Now click on”Continue to Step 2″ at the top right corner

Step 2 : In this step you can change your color schemes for tool bar,background tab and frame

change your color schemes ,select your desired color from the given colors

now click on “continue to step 3” Step 3: In this step you have to add you Custom Theme name and description (if any)  and click “MAKE MY THEME”

  • Now a page with install and share options appears
  • Click on install to install your own custom made theme
  • Your Chrome  Browser will be ready  with  your Own Chrome Theme

NOTE:  You can switch between DEMO and PREVIEW modes at any portion of the above three steps
How to share your Chrome theme

  • Click on share
  • It takes few minutes to generate a URL
  • After getting the URL copy and send the URL

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