How to Install Alexa Toolbar For Browser


Alexa toolbar is the most important tool for the SEO guys, which is used to analyze their website or blogs traffic rank.You can get Alexa rank after submitting your website in Alexa website.

This is the simple tutorial in which you can learn about installing Alexa in your browser (Whatever the browser may be) and stepping into the first step of Seo.

What you can do by installing Alexa Toolbar:

  • You can check the global traffic rank of your site.
  • Your country traffic rank.
  • No of sites linked to your website/blog.
  • Top queries which are driving traffic to your blog.
  • How your site looked in the past. 
  • Related links and.
  • Page loading time.

How to Install Alexa Toolbar:

Step 1: Open your browser in which you want to install Alexa toolbar. 
Step 2 :Then open the link which is given here Alexa toolbar.
Then you can find the option install toolbar. 
Click on install toolbar and then accept the license agreement and click on install. That’s it 
you are done.  

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