How to Solve OnePlus One CM 12 Problems


Are among the one who is the user of One Plus one Smartphone? If you have visited this page, then I am sure that you are having troubles and looking for solutions. Here I will help you to figure out how to solve One plus One CM 12 Problems? I have a solution for you as I have been through the same problem like you had.

Discussing on the OnePlus Smartphone brand, there is not a doubt that the device has earned its high reputation when it was newly release in the market. But later on we get to witness several problems on the Oneplus device.  People are facing some errors with the Wi-Fi network connection or internet connectivity.

Not only that some other errors occur like detecting SIM Card in the phone. But as I have come up with the ideas on how to fix OnePlus One CM 12 Problems, it will be now finally a relive for the people facing such major problems.

Steps to Solve OnePlus One CM 12 Problems:

Here are the some of the steps to Solve OnePlus One CM 12 problems in your device. Follow this provided information as it is very simple and easy to follow, and it will help you to fix the problems.

1: Data Connection Issues Displaying Emergency Calls Only

Date connection is one of the major problems for any Smartphone user, and I have this major problem while I was using it. But there is nothing to worry about this, to fix it you simply have to go for the settings into your device.

Now select the mobile network option, choose ”access point name” and then select your device network provider.  After performing this step, you device will no longer display Emergency Calls Only.      

2: Unable to send MMS

In case, if you are wondering how to fix unable to send MMS problems? Well, it is quite simple you don’t need to get bother by it. To fix it, at first place enter the default messenger settings. Now tap on the 3 dots which lie in vertical position on the top most right of your phone screen. Click on the settings options, select the auto-Enable Data and turn tap to turn “toggle ON”.   

3: Wi-FI connectivity errors

I have seen that most of the CM12 users are having trouble with their Wi-Fi connections. Most of the people end up having failure connectivity in Wi-Fi networks.

To get rid of the problem, all you require to do is flash one file along with the use of recovery mode in your device.    

4: Errors while detecting SIM Card

It is one of the OnePlus One users and I have faced, the device usually fails to detect SIM Card since after the updates. In order, to solve this problem you will have to go for “settings” in your Smartphone. Choose the security options and then set into “SIM/RUIM card lock”.

5: Battery Life

Battery plays a very important in any device, when you don’t get a proper batter life with long lasting time then big problem occurs. So, we need to make sure the battery of the One plus phone last for a long time.

So, to make it happen, you will need to take care of it by looking the best way to save battery. It is like you will have to optimize the use of the apps or games, any other system that consumes a lot of power.

6: Dialing numbers and contacts is invisible

This is a problem that has irritated me like anything else, I tried to make a phone call but all the contacts list from the dialing number has been gone missing. To make the contacts list visible and the dialing numbers too in your device.

Select the “settings” options into your phone choose “theme” and then system. Final step is to select the “Apply” button.

7: Root is missing in your device

With the recent update of CM into your Smartphone, your rooted features seem to be gone missing from your device. People find no longer facility like they had when their Oneplus phone was rooted. It seem like after the update the root has been wipe from the OS of your device.

But one thing you can do is re-install the root application tool in your phone, and then gain all the advantage once again. This is as simple as that no long process in necessary to apply to fix the rooting device issues.

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As you now know how to solve OnePlus CM 12 problems you have the solution in your hand. If you have face all the above mention problems then apply these solutions right away. In the mean time, you can help other too to fix it. Especially, for those who are going through such problems with the CM update in OnePlus devices.  

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